Monday, May 31, 2010

Law 101 -why care about our laws?

Ignorantia lexis non excusat.  One of the most famous and most quoted legal maxims.  If this is your first time to encounter these words, it means 'ignorance of the law excuses no one'.  Which further means that it is your responsibility as a citizen to actually know the laws of your community  and your country, for the law will not accept your excuse of ignorance.  You see, if  these lame excuses were accepted, it would be tantamount to allowing abuses in our already abused political and legal system. 

Would you like it if some criminal who committed murder be released by just saying "what? there's a law against killing people? I didn't know that.. "

A proper law must be always above everyone.Whether they knew it or not, as long as due process is implemented.

And the list goes on for the reasons why you should have at least the basic knowledge.    One of which is to know what to do, who to look for and when to act if ever, and whenever your rights are already being abused.

And speaking of rights, one should also know what they are.  When does your right start? and when does it end?

Before delving into such matters, let us first understand the role of the state, the government and the people, how they should, and are interacting and how our rights, as enumerated in the 1987 Constitution can affect these relationships.

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